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Wall mural of Italian Tuscany.  Wall murals make for a wonderful home decorating idea.  This mural was located in a bedroom and was custom painted by Joys Expressions. Home decorating idea: A wall mural can start with a favorite photograph.  This mountain photo could easily be converted to a mural of differing sizes.  Now that is a home decorating idea!
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Home decor ideas using fine wall decor like wall murals!

  • Are you looking for creative ideas for your home decor?

  • Do you want to cover those bare walls in your house?

  • Are you looking for fine wall decor?

  • Are you looking for decor ideas with wall murals?

  • Do you love beauty and bringing beauty into your home?

  • Do you want your children to be creative and to love spending time at home?

  • Are you interested in finally making your house a home?

If you were able to answer yes to any of these questions, than atHome Wall Murals is for you. Again, welcome and please enjoy the ideas we hope to reveal about home decor with wall murals and other fine wall decor.

A Home Article: Making Your House a Home

A Wall Mural is More Than Just a Type of Wall Decor

What is a wall mural? Webster says it is something 'applied to or made integral to a wall or ceiling surface'. Webster's definition is good because it gives us a picture of something that becomes part of a wall or ceiling surface. In this way, may forms of wall decor can be classified as a wall mural. atHome Wall Murals looks at the different classes of wall murals. The different classes cover a range of wall decor.

We cover a wide range of wall decor because not everyone has the same ideas for what makes their home beautiful. Some of you may wish to start with a small art print, even a framed poster. As you begin to see how images improve your home decor and help create your home, you may move to more elaborate pieces and may even eventually hire a muralist to create your very own masterpiece. We also discuss wall murals in relation to their location in your home. Your child will probably want something a little different in their bedroom than you want in your bathroom! We want you to see atHome Wall Murals as your premier source of wall decor ideas. By providing this service, we hope to help you make your house into a home.

A Few Types of Wall Decor

  • Custom Wall Murals
    atHome Wall Murals believes custom wall murals can make a beautiful addition to any home! A handpainted canvas mural can allow you to transform your bedroom into a spring garden or into a balcony overlooking the ocean. Custom wall murals are unique and can capture your unique preferences in home decor. atHome Wall Murals provides a number of home decor articles on commissioning a wall mural. I recommend reading the articles if you are thinking of having a custom mural painted.

    atHome Wall Murals recommends Joy's Expressions for custom wall murals. Joy can ship murals worldwide on canvas. And if she can't complete the job, she will find you someone who can.

Joy's Expressions - Custom Wall Murals - Virginia - Maryland - Washington DC - Shipped Anywhere on Canvas

  • Do it Yourself Method
    You may wish to try a custom wall mural and go it alone. If this describes your interests, atHome Murals wants to provide you the information and resources you'll need to make the project fun and successful. A good starting point to begin your research would be the resources pages on atHome Murals.
  • Wallpaper Murals
    Wallpaper murals are great alternatives for those interested in murals but who don't have the time for a do-it-yourself project or the budget to hire a muralist. Additionally, you may have an image or photo in mind that you would like enlarged to use as a wall mural. If you fall into this class we would recommend you visit Murals Your Way through the banner below. They have an extensive gallery selection which can be ordered to fit your wall dimensions. They often offer promotions on gallery mural purchases!

Murals Your Way
Check Out the Gallery Mural

  • Framed Prints and Posters
    Another type of wall decor we'll mention is prints and posters. Although prints and posters may be smaller than what many consider traditional murals, they provide a great decorating idea for a number of circumstances and can definitely help to create your home.

Clearance -!

The choice is yours. Keep in mind, that your home decorating ideas should not stop with a wall mural, so in addition to the ideas we'll present in this site on murals, we will also give you ideas and resources to go beyond the mural. Take the leap and try some of the ideas!! You will be amazed with the results. atHome Wall Murals wants to provide information and resources to help you make your house into a home. Enjoy your visit, and to get you started, here is a great article on selecting your wall decor and then a few decorating ideas with wall murals to begin your journey.

Wall Decor Article: Selecting the Correct Wall Decor

Wall Mural Home Decorating Ideas

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #1

A mountain mural transforms a room into a mountain retreat.  Artist Alan GianaCreate a mountain retreat in your study by adding a mural showing the beauty of the mountains. The mural of the mountains can be complemented by various accent pieces that complete the mountain theme. If you are wanting a truly rustic feel, consider cedar log furniture or mission style furniture. Both provide a rustic feel to a room. Finally consider lighting the room with both natural, candles and lanterns, and artificial light sources. The following pages provide further ideas and resources.

Creative Mountain Decor Ideas Focused on Mountain Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #2

Complement your italian decor with an italian wall mural. Artist SambataroItalian decor has grown more and more popular in todays modern decor. A primary reason is the elegant feeling created with an Italian theme. A primary aspect of the Italian theme is images of the countryside complemented with old world architectural pieces. Tuscany has grown in prominence as a choice Italian location. Wall murals are able to capture the beauty and elegance of the countryside like no other wall decor. With an Italian themed mural, the options for complementing the print are numerous. The following pages look at further ideas and resources for completing your Italian decor.

Creative Italian Decor Ideas Focused on Italian Murals

Creative Tuscan Decor Ideas Focused on Tuscany Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #3

Girl bedroom decorating idea with a ballet mural. Artist R. Judson ZolanDecorating a girl's bedroom begins with looking at your girl's interests and dreams. A great idea for a girl interested in dance is a ballet theme. A ballet wall mural provides a focal point for the theme and allows your kid to imagine herself, beautiful and poised as she is about to perform. With a ballet wall mural many decorating accessories can be used to create a unique and elegant room for your little girl. The following pages provide other girl room decorating ideas and resources to explore.

Creative Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas Focused on Murals

Creative Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas Focused on Animal Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #4

Boy bedroom decorating idea with a baseball mural. Artist J.D. BuggDecorating a boy's bedroom around a strong interest in your boy's life allows them to enjoy their favorite interest while in their room. America's past time, baseball, is still considered an interest of many boys. They dream of standing in the batter's box and hitting the home run. Using a baseball wall mural as a central theme, puts the focus of your childs bedroom decor on your child's interest. Other sports themes and outdoor themes also make great focal points for your boy's bedroom decor. Just keep in mind your boy's interests and you will have a great theme to start with. The following pages provide other boy room decorating ideas and resources to explore.

Creative Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas Focused on Murals

Creative Boy Bedroom Decor Ideas Focused on Sports Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #5

Home decorating idea with a lighthouse mural. Artist Nicky BoehmeHome decorating with a lighthouse mural creates an ocean front scene that can literally encompass an entire wall. The perspective you create is similar to looking out from a balcony onto the actual scene. A lighthouse mural complements many home decor themes and is great for almost any room in the house. The depth of the mural can easily be enhanced by using natural light like candles to illuminate various sections of the mural. The following pages look at a number of other themes for wall murals that you may want to consider for your home decorating needs.

Creative Home Decor Ideas Focused on Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #6

Utilize stencil patterns to paint your own custom wall mural. There are a number of themes available for stencil murals ranging from nursery themes to more elegant Italian themes. Stencils are also wonderful for creating decorative borders on walls and also decorative patterns on cabinets and other furniture. The following page provides helpful resources for a stencil wall mural.

Home Decor Ideas Focused on Wall Stenciling and Stencil Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #7

Take the next step with your kithcen decor by adding a wall mural. One idea for a kitchen wall mural is the use of tile murals. Ceramic tiles create a wonderful backsplash in the kitchen. Tile murals can either be painted custom or selected from a number of predefined images. The following pages provide further resources for your kitchen decor and for tile murals.

Home Decor Ideas Focused on Tile Murals
Kitchen Decorating Ideas Focused on Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #8

Do you wish you had an additional window in a particular room? A window mural is a great home decorating idea to create the illusion of a window. The art of creating an illusion thru decorative painting is called trompe l'oeil. The following pages provide ideas and resources for creating a window mural.

Home Decor Ideas Focused on Trompe L'oeil Wall Murals
Home Decorating Ideas Focused on Window Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #9

Take any photo you love and create a custom wallpaper mural. A custom wallpaper mural is a good option if you have a personal image you would like to see enlarged. If you don't have an image, you can select from hundreds of images from different themes. The mural can than be printed to your size requirements. The following pages provide resources for creating your very own wallpaper mural.

Home Decor Ideas Focused on Wallpaper Murals

Wall Murals Home Decorating Idea #10

Do you have an idea you would like to share with atHome Murals? Submit a home decorating idea and if it fits our theme of home decorating with wall murals and other fine wall decor as a focal point, we will publish it on our web site. Email ideas to:

Ideas or Suggestions for atHome Murals

Special Articles about Wall Murals and Home Decorating

Navigating the Important Aspects of Selecting the Correct Wall Decor

The article explores another custom mural path, custom wall paper murals. Do you have a favorite image you'd love to see on your wall as a mural? Than this article is for you. This truly is a cool home decorating idea!

Mural, Mural on The Wall, Which is the Fairest Type of All

The article takes an in depth look at the different types of wall decor and tries to go beyond cost to see the benefits of each type. Key questions answered are what type of wall decor is right for your home decorating needs and sources for each wall decor type. Keep in mind this article does not discuss themes. You will find different decorating themes throughout the web site.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Muralist

The article explores a process one should consider when researching and selecting a muralist or commissioning an artist for your home decorating wall mural project. Keep in mind that there are as many styles of muralists as there are themes of murals. The article will introduce you to questions you can ask to find the right person for your mural jobs.

The Rapidly Growing Wall Mural Article Index

This section is growing rapidly. Wall mural articles and home decorating ideas are the main focus, but we are always looking for ways to make a house a home. The index began in early October 2004!! Have an article you'd like to share, than visit the mural article index.

Home decorating idea with wall murals: Trompe L'oeil can be used to create an illusion of three dimensions.  Follow the link to be taken to the trompe l'oeil page.  Trompe L'oeil mural by Classic Mural Collections.

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